Production of original products (SUNLIFE as an OEM)
We can change the sizes and materials of the products listed in our catalogs and in other materials. Not only that, we can also produce completely original products to meet your company's needs. We make the optimal proposal to fulfil any request, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, no matter how minor.

Ordering Process


Meeting & Consultation
We discuss what you have in mind, quantities, budget, etc.


Planning & Proposal
We plan and draft a proposal based on your request.


Rough Estimate & Preparation of Sample(s)
We suggest a price, and create a prototype (sample costs will be incurred).


Determination of Specifications & Final Estimate
We submit a final estimate based on the determined product specifications. You confirm the quotation and place the official order.


Manufacturing & Delivery
After production and inspection carried out according to our thoroughgoing system, we deliver the product to your desired location.

What SUNLIFE offers as an OEM

Putting Logo

01Name engraving (logo engraving)

We can print on our existing products or on plain lacquered chopsticks.
All we from you is the text or logo you wish to insert, making this is an easy introductory use of the service for first-time customers. Note that there are some products for which we cannot provide this service, depending on the specifications; so, please feel free to consult with us first.

Printing methods: pad printing, screen printing, laser printing

For example, for restaurants, sales promotion goods, tourist product stores

Please note that the putting LOGO cannot be described depends on
chopsticks style. It means the shape and with or without pattern in a detail.

Easy Order

02Easy Order

We can change color, size, and other specifications based on our existing products.
This is one of the most popular ways of using SUNLIFE as an OEM because it is easy to visualize what the final product will look like based on existing products. Easy Order can of course also be used in combination with the above name engraving. For lacquered chopsticks that use transfer film, shrink film, or stickers, only the base color can be changed.

For example, for promotional products, tourist product stores, private brands

Full Order

03Full order

We can create a completely original product based on your request.
We will need a concrete image of what kind of product you want to make. But please consult with us even if you have only a vague image. By listening to what you want, we can help give shape to your request. For example, for tourist product stores, private brands

Use Example:Sightseeing Product Shop, Private Brand

Elements of the Order

Type of base material

Kalampayang, Rubiaceae
Anthocephalus chinensisWood
Light yellowish-white in color. it grows very fast and is from tropical countries.
Malas, Flacourtiaceae
Homalium foetidumWood
Brown to yellow in color. A heavy, durable wood with a unique atmosphere and an almost invisible grain.
Ironwood, Lauraceae
Eusideroxylon zwageriWood
Brown in color. With a large amount of polyphenol, it has a unique dark wood color.
Beech, Fagaceae
Fagus spp.Wood
Light red in color. Characterized by small, mottled patterns, tough and resistant to splitting.
Maple, Aceraceae
Acer spp.Wood
Light gray to yellowish brown in color. Highly resistant to impacts, it is used not only as a construction material but also for bowling lanes and pins, and baseball bats.
Walnut, Juglandaceae
Juglans Nigra.Wood
Light brown to dark brown in color. Has a beautiful grain and has been used as material for premium furniture since ancient times because of its scarcity value.
Cherry, Rosaceae
Prunus spp.Wood
Light reddish brown to dark reddish brown in color. Lightweight but strong. Valued as a high-grade furniture material.
Bamboo, Poaceae
Phyllostachys pubescensBamboo
White to light yellow in color. Since it grows quickly—up to 20 meters in 3 to 4 years—it is attracting attention as an eco-friendly building material.

Printing techniques

PAD Printing
Pad printing
Ink is transferred to a silicon pad and stamp-printed on a product. The elasticity of the pad makes it possible to print on a slightly curved surface.
Silk Screen Printing
Screen printing
Printing using a mesh screen spread with ink. The ink is printed directly onto the surface, resulting in a clear finish.
Flat Surface Multicolored Printing
Flat multi-color printing
Ink is sprayed directly onto the surface. Full color printing is made possible by using jets of the four CMYK colors.
Laser Printing
Laser engraving
Engraving carried out by a laser beam (light waves). The result can be changed depending on the printing difference, output and speed.
Pushing Foil
Foil stamping
Foil stamping is a method of thermo-compression bonding that uses heat and pressure to transfer a film-coated foil to a material. The mirror-like luster of the foil gives it a stylish appearance not found with other printing methods.
Seal, Film and so on
Various stickers and films
A sticker or film with a pre-printed design is wrapped around the chopstick body. Depending on the type of film, the level of color reproduction can be high, making it a suitable method for mass production.


Hides the base material color with a distinct color.
Applies a color while slightly retaining the texture of the bare wood grain.

Retains the ambience of the bare wood as is.

Although a print factory man paint to chopsticks, however the painting color is clear.




Matted (no gloss)

Dry lacquer

Solid pigments are ground into a powder and mixed into the lacquer to give it a coarse texture.

Surface coatings

Lacquer coating
Lacquer coating film is a natural coating material that is robust and flexible, with excellent water resistance, insulation, and antiseptic properties.
Acrylic coating
Acrylic is a cost-effective coating material with good coloring. However, due to its high permeability, it is not suited to put in the dishwasher.
Urethane coating

A generic term for acrylic urethane and polyester urethane coatings.
Suitable for dishwashers and dryers because the coating film has flexibility, excellent adhesion, and does not peel off easily.

NB There is an antibacterial option for polyester urethane coating only.

Lot size

From 300 pairs

May vary depending on design, shape, and other conditions.

Delivery time

Sample production: about 3 weeks

Delivery time may vary slightly somewhat, depending on product specifications.

Mass production (from production to delivery): approx. 45 to 90 days
Name engraving processing: approx. 14 to 30 days

Varies depending on product specifications and production quantity.

Important: Please Note

  • Lacquered chopsticks are made of natural materials.
    Please understand in advance that uneven coloration and slight warping may occur even in conforming items due to individual differences in the material.
  • Sample creation requires a sample fee of 10,000 yen (plus tax) per SKU.
    Please pay the sample fee in advance. Once we receive your payment, we will commence the sample production process.
  • If you wish to cancel an order, please do so within two (2) days of placing the order.
    Cancellation after that time will not be accepted.

OEM Inquiry

*For inquiries from outside Japan, please contact us by e-mail.

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